Grooms are often content to let their brides-to-be shine on their wedding day. But weddings are a showcase of the two people getting married and grooms matter!
Grooms can take steps to look handsome and polished, but may wonder what they can do to put their best feet forward when all eyes and cameras are facing their way.

Addressing skin care and proper shaving techniques is essential.

Although shaving is a seemingly simple task, some men struggle through the process because they haven’t mastered the basics for a clean, comfortable shave.
Grooms who do not already have beards should be clean shaven for their wedding days.

Brickell Men’s Products advises that the first step to a good shave is to shower before shaving.

The warm water and steam will open up pores and follicles, allowing the hair to protrude as much as possible out of the skin.

The more it sticks out, the cleaner the shave will be.

Many men fail to prep their skin before shaving.

It is important to rinse the face with a pre-shave soap and warm water to remove excess oil and dead skin that clogs razor blades.

Try a non-lathering or natural shave cream that does not contain the potentially irritating chemicals that create the lathering effect, but will still offer lubrication to help get a closer shave.

The right razor can make all the difference.

While an electric shaver can serve in a pinch, come the day of the wedding, work with a traditional razor, either disposable or cartridge style.

Start with a fresh, new and sharp blade so it is effective. Some men prefer a single blade for a close shave, while others like razors with multiple blades. Grooms should use what has worked for them in the past, as now is not the time to experiment.

While shaving, go with and against the grain, or what feels comfortable to take off the hair without having to go over areas repeatedly and risk irritating the skin.
Gillette advises rinsing blades often during shaving. However, do not tap the razor against the sink to dislodge the whiskers, as this can damage or dull the razor.
Finish up by rinsing with cool water and applying a moisturizer or specially designed aftershave product.

It can take up to 48 hours for skin to heal after a shave and keeping it hydrated can diminish irritation.